Personal Executive Coaching

We join business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs on their personal and professional growth path towards an authentic leadership style. Our executive coaching is specialized on success, career and leadership development.


Do you want to develop your leadership skills?

Do you know what you want, but struggle to achieve it?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by job and life?

Do you aspire to change your career or life?

The best version of yourself

Executive coaching is a space of trust in which you can focus on important topics, goals and challenges, rediscover and enhance your leadership skills, increase self-knowledge and self-awareness, and define actions to achieve goals that are important to you. Together with the coach you go deep to the roots of issues, explore beliefs and desires, identify solutions, and take conscious decisions to achieve your objectives.

We create a space of trust and audacity

An environment to speak out the things one keeps to oneself

A place to develop and gain clarity

A room to develop action plans and clear steps to change

How our Executive Coaching works

All our coaching processes start with our kick off pack consisting of 8 sessions taking place every 2 weeks. By experience, 8 coaching sessions lead our clients to noticable progress. Depending on the goals and each client's individual process, the coaching duration can vary.

1 Discovery session

Define the goals of the executive coaching process, create an alliance to build a secure audacious coaching space and identify personal core values.

6 Working sessions

Getting to the roots of the topics to increase your self-knowledge and awareness, uncover opportunities, take related decisions, and initiate the desired changes.

1 Closing session

Evaluate key take-aways, achievements, and impact of the complete coaching process. Practical tools and insights for the future.