7 inspiring TED Talks to become a more authentic leader


Authentic leaders never stop growing. It’s even more than that: Learning, acquiring competences and gaining knowledge are like oxygen for the personal and professional growth of leaders. Our selection of 7 TED Talks on leadership is full of practical tips to improve your everyday leadership and nurture your hunger for leadership development. Similarly to our 5 top leadership must reads every leader should know, these videos are charged with inspiring doses to develop an authentic and impacting leadership style.

TED Talks on leadership

Leading others requires to lead oneself first. This is why a lot of our recommended top TED Talks tackle personal leadership topics like vulnerability, accepting failure and errors, positive attitudes and critical questions inspiring leaders should ask. All the videos have been recorded on TED conferences, the leading video platform for inspiring talks. Even though you might have watched some of these leadership talks, we invite you to spend the time and watch them again.

Brené Brown: “The Power of Vulnerability”(TED Talks on Leadership)

In her TED Talk “The Power of Vulnerability” researcher and bestselling author Brené Brown explores the depth of vulnerability. Brown has been researching the challenges and potential of accepting and showing vulnerabilities for more than 13 years.

Kathryn Schulz: “Being wrong”(TED Talks Leadership)

Leaders first and foremost are human beings. And as such, they fail and commit errors. Author and journalist Kathryn Schulz dives into the question why accepting our imperfections feels so challenging.

Shawn Achor: “The Happiness Advantage”(TED Talks Leadership)

In any given moment, we always can decide how to perceive our reality. And depending on our choice and attitude, we are more or less likely to overcome challenges and be successful. In his accelerated, very pointed talk “The Happiness Advantage”, Shawn Achor shares his insights of +12 years research at Harvard on the impact that a positive attitude has on oneself, and on the motivation of teams and organizations.

Shonda Rhimes: “My year of saying Yes to everything” (TED Talks Leadership)

Hollywood writer and producer Shonda Rhimes proposed herself the challenge of saying “Yes” to everything during a whole year. In her TED Talk from February 2016, she shares what she found out about herself along this life changing experience. A recipe to combine professional and personal passions.

Shirzad Chamine: “Know your inner saboteurs” (TED Talks Leadership)

Everyone of us has these inner critical voices who ask for more, better, and always! From his experience working with C-level executives from Forbes 500 companies, coach Shirzad Chamine explains the impact of these “saboteurs”, and how to manage them to your advantage.

Roselinde Torres: “What it takes to be a great leader” (TED Talks Leadership)

Three questions mark the difference between normal and outstanding leadership. According to the observations by Roselinde Torres during more than 25 years working close to outstanding executives of our world’s biggest companies, leaders who have huge impact (1) know where they are looking to anticipate the next change to their business model or life, (2) have a high diversity measure of their personal and professional stakeholder network, and (3) are courageous enough to abandon a practice that has made them successful in the past.

Simon Sinek: “How great leaders inspire” (TED Talks Liderazgo)

This top TED Talk by Simon Sinek is a real classic. The ethnographer and bestselling author suggests that all person, all project and all organization should start by looking for the answer to the question “Why?”. Knowing and being able to name your personal and company purpose clearly is a must in order to get to the best version of oneself and inspire teams, organizations and communities.