Business Coach for Executives, Teams and Companies

We offer one-to-one executive coaching for key profiles of your business, bespoke team coaching to bring team performance to the next level, and off-the-shelf leadership workshops.


Our commitment

Business coaching is not magic. At it's core, successful business coaching depends on people wanting to do something. And this is our promise: we trigger people towards leadership with higher impact, increased team performance, better relationships and higher productivity.

Develop an impactful leadership style

Overcome challenges and conflicts

Prepare transitions and new responsibilities

Clarify long term strategy and take challenging decisions

Leverage your team's full potential

Our executive coaching assists businesses and management teams in important moments. To achieve the desired results, we design bespoke coaching programs together with the coachee, the team leader and HR. They are focused on both the business context and company goals and the coachee's/team's needs to be sustainable in time.

We create a space of trust and audacity

An environment to speak out the things that need to be said

A place to gain awareness and develop competences

A room to develop action plans and clear goals

Our Coaching Programs

We offer the following corporate coaching programs for businesses and organizations. We adapt the final design of each of these coaching processes to the person's, team's and organization's specific needs:

Leadership Development


Increase self-knowledge and self-awareness; Develop leadership competences; Identify and work on high-impact skills


C-Level, Top management, Business owners, Key profiles


Wish to improve as a leader; Desire of fulfilled work and life; Professional growth and development



Identify challenges and strengthen key skills to overcome them successfully


C-Level, Top management, Business owners, Key players


Cutting through moments; High impact business changes (strategy, monetization, market); Significant decisions; Business about to get to next level; Fix critical areas of improvement

Next Level


Prepare for new responsibilities/roles; facilitate transitions; Strengthen key leadership skills


Top and middle management, High potentials, Designated successors, Emerging Leaders


New responsibilities; Prepare for succession; Onboarding of new key people

Attract & Retain


Based on the coachee's priorities, e.g. personal and professional development, increase self-knowledge, explore and reinforce personal strengths


Any key profile you want to retain or attract


Attraction of new key profiles; Social benefit for the staff or key people

Team Coaching


Develop high performing teams; Build/improve team dynamics; Change Management; Resolve conflicts


Committees, Boards, Extended/Management Teams, Key teams, Entire Organizations


Big changes; Transitions; Low performance